Simple Stir Fry for Students

When it’s dinner time and you don’t know what to do, stir fry is always a good option. As long as you have a few basic recipes, it turns out every time.

The necessities for stir fry include:

Rice (or noodles if you’re into that) – about 1 1/2 cups cooked

Vegetables – as many as will fit

Some source of protein – about a cup shredded

And sauce. Soy sauce and Hoisin sauce are good options.

Here’s how it’s done:

Cook your meat. I like to precook some chicken and then keep little bags of ready-to-go chicken in my freezer.

Cook some rice. I prefer brown rice in stir fry.

Steam whatever vegetables you want in a frying pan with a little bit of water. Good stir fry vegetables include broccoli, carrots, baby corns, water chestnuts, peppers, onions, sprouts, and more. You can do whatever combo you want.

Once the veggies are a little soft, add the cooked rice and meat. Stir together with soy sauce and/or Hoisin sauce until it tastes how you want it.

Then the real secret: Crack an egg into the stir fry and mix together quickly until the egg is cooked. This adds nice texture, a little flavor, and some more protein.

So there’s your low-fat, super yummy, easy and fast to make stir fry.

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