Snacks that are so freaking easy


This week between classes, a friend offered me a granola bar. She said it was all she eats during the day because “they’re so freaking easy.” Not because “they’re so freaking yummy” or “so freaking good for you” They’re just, “so freaking easy.”

Sometimes when you’re running between classes and work, the only food options are grab-and-go snacks. Sadly, most easy snacks aren’t very nutritionally dense. Well, I’m here to make your life easier, and here are a couple of easy snack ideas that are packed with nutrients to get you through your day!

First, here are some secrets to make snacking easier:

  • Keep those little containers that they put ranch in from restaurants like Cafe Rio. They’re perfect for dipping sauces like peanut butter or ranch, and they’re easy to clean.
  • Invest in something to carry your snacks, like a lunch box. I have an Arctic Zone lunch box that I got for cheap at Walmart. It’s perfect for keeping my snacks cool, clean, and separate from everything else in my backpack.
  • Keep a few containers from foods like cottage cheese to act as Tupperware. They’re the perfect size for a side salad snack and they’re basically free.

Now, we all know there’s nothing more annoying than somebody crunching on carrots right next to you in class. So here are some snack ideas for silent situations:

  • Apple sauce – I like GoGo squeez Applesauce. It comes in a couple different flavors, it’s really easy to grab fast, and you get a serving of fruit.
  • Clementines or a banana- they’re even pre-wrapped.
  • Peanut Butter Balls (Flax seed is optional). Take some time on a Sunday afternoon to make a batch of these, and wah-lah, your own homemade granola bars with about half the sugar and twice the protein.

vs. Peanut Butter Balls

(Nutrition Approximation)

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Snacks for when you’re allowed to crunch:

  • Chopped veggies with ranch or cilantro
    • When you go grocery shopping, buy two or three of your favorite veggies (I like red peppers, carrots, and broccoli).
    • As soon as you get home, wash and cut them into finger-food sized pieces.
    • Store these in the fridge in separate ziplock bags. Then in the morning you’re veggies are ready to go when you are.
    • For added flavor, put chopped cilantro in the ziplock bags with the vegetables
    • Or take a little container of ranch for dipping
  • Apple slices + peanut butter
    • Secret: Spread a little lemon juice on the apple slices to prevent browning.
  • String Cheese + Whole Wheat Crackers (Wheat Thins are my favorite).

And my favorite snacks for in between classes:

  • Spinach side salad:
    • 1 cup spinach
    • 1/4 cup dried cranberries
    • sprinkle with sunflower seeds
    • sprinkle with a little bit of shredded cheese or parmesan
    • 1 clementine peeled and separated
    • drizzled with Italian dressing
    • don’t forget a fork
  • Chicken Avocado Wrap
    • Whole wheat tortilla (or white if you’re not into the whole-wheat stuff)
    • 1/4 avocado sliced – you can store the rest of the avocado in its skin and a plastic bag for another day
    • Shredded chicken
    • Grape tomatoes – halved

Snacking can be “freaking easy” and “freaking delicious” and “freaking good for you” all at the same time.


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