7 Sneaky Ways to Trick Yourself Into Exercising

Let’s be honest: making time to exercise is almost impossible, especially when midterms come around.
Here are 7 easy ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule that take little to no extra time:

  1. Squats, Lunges, or Calf Raises while brushing your teeth
  2. NEVER take the elevator. Elevators are for people who have handicap parking privileges or if you have to go more than 5 floors up.
  3. Wall-sits or Planks for however many seconds you microwave your food
  4. If you drive to campus or work, park in the farthest parking spot you can find to get in some extra steps.
  5. Sit on the floor and stretch while reading textbooks (or scriptures).
  6. If you have any type of watching or listening homework, take a walk while you listen, or watch the video while doing an elliptical or cycling machine.
  7. And my favorite way to sneak in exercise: Zombies, Run!

Okay, this one might take a little extra time, but for anybody who finds it difficult to get out the door and go on a run, anyone who is seeking a little more excitement, or anyone who needs a new way to prepare for the looming zombie apocalypse, the Zombies, Run! app is the app for you.

In Zombies, Run! you walk, jog, or run wherever you’d like. As you run, you complete  missions acting a runner for one of the last remaining human settlements in the zombie apocalyptic world. Instructions and zombie warnings are given to you from the headquarters through your headset in between your own music. The game has 200 running missions to complete which can be programmed to last as many minutes as you wish. I’ve never had more motivation, fear, or fun while running. Click here if you’re interested in knowing more!

And don’t let that busy schedule keep you from doing at least a little exercise every day!


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