Three Fail-Safe Tricks to Stay Active

How often do we think, I’m actually going to exercise this week, only to find ourselves sitting inside again? It’s difficult to find the time, and the motivation, to consistently work out. Here are three things I’ve found that have helped me to stay active even when I’m busy and tired.

NUMBER 1: Find something you like to do

Too often when we think about exercising, we immediately groan and imagine a sweaty gym or forcing a dreaded run. In reality, exercise can be fun, you just need to find out what you enjoy. If you need ideas, I’ve discovered that I love biking always, hiking always, running sometimes, rock climbing always, and lifting weights. But, I can’t do that last one alone, which brings us to number two…

NUMBER 2: Get a workout buddy

Ah, accountability. Finding a partner that will exercise with you makes the world of a difference. I’m convinced that if everybody was committed to one other person to work out, they would do it. Ask your friends, chances are they want to be a little bit healthier too. And if you really need a work out buddy, you can usually find me at the gym or the track in the wee hours of the morning getting miles for my number three…

NUMBER 3: Sign up for a race or something

Sure, exercise is good for you, but sometimes that might not be enough motivation to actually get out and do it. When you’ve signed your name and committed to a race or any type of end goal, the level of obligation increases, your desires to succeed grows, and all of a sudden you’re motivated to exercise.

So there you have it. If you’re struggling to get out and go, try one, two, or all three of these ideas. Give it at least a month, and soon you’ll have a habit. And let me tell you, staying active is key to having energy and feeling the best you can every day.


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