Have you been keeping your New Years Resolutions?

EVERYBODY QUICK! We only have a month before swimsuit season is in full swing! Time to crash diet and work out to get a six pack in six weeks…

*Eye roll*

I hope you heard the sarcasm in that.

Does the craze over having a summer-ready body drive anybody else up the wall? Crash dieting and working out is never a long-term solution for being your best, healthiest self. In fact, most people who lose a lot of weight over a short amount of time tend to gain it back quickly, but gain it back as fat rather than the muscle it used to be.

While I definitely don’t agree with the speed summer prep ideas that pop up everywhere at this time of year, spring time is a GREAT time to reflect on New Years Resolutions. Have you been keeping yours?

Let’s take a look at mine:

Run a half marathon (Nope haven’t done that yet)

Be able to do 50 pushups (Hey, I’m getting closer)

Work out for 45 minutes at a time three times a week. (Dang it, I’ve gotten lazy).

Eat less sugar (Hm, I should make that goal more measurable).


With the summer approaching I’m ready to make some new goals. This week why don’t you sit down, look at the goals you made towards the beginning of the year, tweak, recommit, and reward yourself as needed.

A good outline for health goals might follow this pattern:

  1. What’s one specific aspect of your diet that you could change? (Like I mentioned, I need to probably eat less sugar. Still figuring out how to do that.)
  2. What’s a long term exercise goal to work towards and accomplish during the summer? (I really am going to do a half marathon, I am).
  3. What’s something exercise-related you can commit to do on a weekly basis? (Like walk to work once a week or do a 60-second plank once a week, it can be however simple or complicated you want. Me? Oh, I’m going to lift weights twice a week).


The first step to improving in anything is setting measurable goals. Let’s start summer right by making goals now!


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  1. A lot of people want to see results in a short amount of time without any work, so those “crash diets” are appealing to a lot of people. But haven’t we learned yet that instant gratification isn’t the best option? I agree with everything you said here!

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